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Why yoga?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Often, when I meet new, friendly folks they ask "Why yoga? Aren't you a christian?" These are understandable questions. So many times they have a false impression that yoga is a religion. In fact, it's not.

So, why yoga? As a teenager I struggled with anxiety. We're talking crippling, run out of the classroom and keep running out to my car anxiety. I was desperate for anything that would calm me down. That's were yoga came into the picture. Using breath work and gentle stretching I was able to calm my anxiety to a tolerable level. It was far from gone though.

I continued to do yoga as my go to exercise for 15 years. As I grew older I was seeking a deeper connection with Jesus. I still had anxiety and didn't know if that would ever change. Then, I started reading my Bible daily, joined a small group and was attending church regularly. I found myself praying more and more often while I was on my mat. Talking to God about my day, what stressful thing happened or something I was grateful for. I began bringing my Bible with me and reading verses during passive poses. It's amazing how much focus and clarity you can find while on your mat!

In 2020, I was working from home and decided to pursue my yoga certificate. I knew YogaFaith existed and decided that I wanted Jesus to be at the very center of everything that I learned. It was an incredible experience.

Meeting Jesus on my yoga mat has been instrumental in helping this fidgety, anxious girl who can barely sit still for 5 minutes be able to meditate and pray for 30 plus minutes and break free from the chains of anxiety. Having the physical release of yoga has allowed my mind and body to find an even resting point where I can just be with Jesus. Just the two of us. Even when the world around me is chaotic, He's there. With each breath I feel closer and closer to Him.

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. {Genesis 2:7}

I hope that you too will find the peace that Jesus can bring while meeting Him on your mat! XOXO

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